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SLOCOACH is a groundbreaking learning management system (LMS) built specifically for sports coaching and training. We are on a mission to become the global leader in learning and coaching platforms, transforming lives by democratizing access to exceptional coaches and innovative learning tools. By enabling people from all walks of life to unlock their full potential, we are revolutionizing how people learn and grow in sports.


The story of SLOCOACH began in 2015 when Luke Jecks observed his kids recording each other doing skateboard tricks and analyzing the footage in slow motion to understand their mistakes. This sparked the idea of SLOCOACH, a platform that could connect learners with experts to review their performance and provide personalized feedback. The name SLOCOACH was born by combining SLO(w) motion and COACH.


Together with co-founder and professional rugby player Luke Holmes, they set out to test the concept. Their initial focus was to see if experts would be interested in analyzing video submissions from fans and novices while providing expert feedback and assistance. They approached well-known athletes from a range of sports (from rugby, cricket, volleyball, and swimming), who all expressed interest in the idea, provided that the platform could genuinely facilitate coaching and not just be a novelty.


By the time SLOCOACH launched in 2020 (just before COVID-19 shutdowns hit), it had evolved into a platform that enabled "coaching without proximity," leveling the playing field for anyone who wanted to improve their skills by granting access to true experts without geographic limitations. Before long, there were over 80 expert athletes and coaches across various sports (and even arts) offering their expertise on SLOCOACH.


The impact of COVID-19 and the need for digital education led to sporting organizations expressing interest in using the platform, prompting the development of SLOCOACH 2.0 – a fully white-label, headless, and tenanted platform with Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities and additional functionalities. SLOCOACH 2.0 was released at the start of 2023, with clients like Rugby AU, Surf Life Saving Australia, Fremantle Dockers, and even the Global Esports Federation (just to name a few) now using SLOCOACH 2.0 for their communities.

Soon, SLOCOACH will launch Miicoach - a public directory of all the experts available on SLOCOACH, ensuring that once again, those who inspire can help others improve and reach their full potential.

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Our Founders

Luke Jecks

With a successful track record in business, including founding Naked Wines Australia and serving as CEO of Naked Wines International, Luke has a wealth of experience in leading global teams and building innovative companies. His passion for sports and technology led him to create a platform that transforms how people learn and grow in sports.

Luke Holmes

Brings extensive sports industry experience to SLOCOACH. As a retired professional rugby player and former senior executive in Sports Administration, Luke knows firsthand the importance of coaching and learning in sports. His enthusiasm for the SLOCOACH concept and his commercial mindset has played a crucial role in shaping the platform into what it is today.

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Luke Jecks Founder

Founders 3.gif

Luke Holmes Founder

Our Team

At SLOCOACH, we're proud to have a diverse and talented team of professionals who are passionate about sports, education, and technology. Our team members come from various backgrounds, including sports, tech, marketing, and design, and are dedicated to creating the most engaging and innovative learning platform in the sports industry.


Together, we work tirelessly to ensure that SLOCOACH remains at the forefront of sports learning and coaching, enabling users from all walks of life to unlock their full potential. For example, once you're a client of SLOCOACH, you'll meet Tom Colfer (Football/Soccer tragic), our Head of Partner Performance, who is passionate about helping all our clients get the best out of SLOCOACH.

Our Investors

SLOCOACH is backed by a group of visionary investors who believe in our mission to democratize access to exceptional coaches and innovative learning tools. Their support has been crucial in helping us scale our platform and bring SLOCOACH to learners, coaches, and organizations worldwide. Our investors are represented by Chairman Manfred Hasseler and our CFO Mark Luton. We're grateful for their guidance and expertise as we continue to grow and transform the world of sports coaching and learning.

At SLOCOACH, our mission is to empower individuals and organizations by providing accessible, world-class coaching through innovative technology, breaking down geographic barriers, and fostering personal growth across diverse domains.

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