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New world of Interactive Courses

Using all the available functionality, customize the perfect training course to deliver meaningful interactions, accreditation, and learning.

We've developed a revolutionary platform that empowers individuals to customize the most engaging learning interactions and courses. And it's so simple; anyone can build them!

You can use media and forms to create learning courses at various levels, from basic course offerings to complex programs with live classes and assessments. You determine how often they're delivered (daily, weekly or monthly) and what kind of recognition is given when someone finishes.

Learning Courses

  • Use your media and forms to create Learning Courses

  • Determine the cadence of delivery (daily, weekly, monthly or sequentially)

  • Use badges to recognise completion

  • Easy to build with drag-and-drop creation

Interactive Courses

  • Make your courses interactive by including Reviews or Live Classes in the Course.

  • Build courses that include any or all of the tools available (from Live Classes to content to quizzes and questionnaires)

Forms + Badges & Certification

  • Create customizable forms, questionnaires, or exams with multiple modules/levels while awarding a badge on completion and pass

  • Create a form with media and recognize if the media has been watched entirely.

  • Select to have the form automatically mark itself and display the pass mark and allocated badge on the completion and passing of the exam.

  • Drag and drop a previously created form onto a course/ session/ digital coaching session/ digital live class.

  • Create and manage your coaches' certification process, including continuing education, training, and level or tier advancement To find out more - book a demo with one of our experts.

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