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At SLOCOACH, we offer a flexible pricing model designed to support your growth and success. Our pricing is based on a service fee that applies to all revenue generated through the platform, allowing us to align our interests and grow together. As you scale up to higher End User tiers, the per-user service fee decreases, enabling you to maximize your value.

Let's find the perfect plan for you...

USD Pricing.png
  • The package is paid for upfront - Additional Users are calculated and charged for the remainder of the term to the renewal date and then included in renewal thereafter.

  • Rev Processing is charged at checkout.

  • SLOCOACH Live Minutes are calculated as Total Live Sessions x Total Attendees x Total Session length.

  • End users who exceed XGB in memory usage will be given the option to purchase a premium user account for $10 per year - if they do so, they will no longer count to the client End User count.

  • All pricing plans include access to our dedicated account managers, continuous platform updates and improvements, and excellent customer support.

Onboarding Incentive: Gift from 

Naked Wines (250 × 100 px).png
  • Case of Wine: Receive a complimentary case of high-quality wine from Naked Wines Australia as a special welcome gift.

  • Wine Vouchers: Distribute exclusive wine vouchers to your community members, enticing them to join and engage with SLOCOACH.

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