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The Future Of Advice Is Now..

In the rapidly changing landscape of the financial advice industry, it is becoming increasingly evident that putting clients ahead of products is a key driver of success and a requirement for survival.

Our Scientiam - SLOCOACH partnership recognises that the future of advice firms lies in embracing this client-focused approach and leveraging innovative technology to transform the way clients engage with financial advice . Rather than start with what the industry called “ advice” which in reality was a product disclosure document - we see that consumers want to start with engagement, information, engagement to build trust before they engage with “ advice”.

What are the benefits?

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Scientiam/SLOCOACH offers a range of essential features that are not only beneficial for advice firms but also contribute to the overall success of the platform. These features empower advice firms to deliver a superior client experience while maximizing their business potential. Let's explore these important features in more detail:

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What are the benefits?

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For each stage we illustrate: Benefit to the customer, benefit to the firm and the features that enable it.

Stage 1: Top of Funnel - Self-Serve for New Low-Value Clients:


  • Enable personalized experiences by creating customer cohorts and groups.

  • Curate relevant articles and newsfeed content based on the interests and needs of each customer cohort.

  • Foster engagement and interaction among customers within their respective cohorts.


  • Provide a library of self-paced courses covering a wide range of financial topics.

  • Offer a structured learning path for new clients to enhance their financial knowledge.

  • Allow customers to track their progress and revisit completed modules at any time

  • Enable easy creation and sharing of content by admins and experts.

  • Empower admins and experts to create engaging and informative content such as articles, blog posts, and videos.

  • Promote thought leadership and expertise within the financial advice industry.

  • Gamify the learning experience by awarding digital badges to customers for completing courses or achieving milestones.

  • Recognize and showcase customer achievements on their profiles.

  • Increase customer motivation, engagement, and a sense of accomplishment.

Content Creation:

Badges - Gamify Learning 

Customers can self-serve while also having the option for personal interactions with advisors. The platform's capabilities enable seamless scheduling and payment for live meetings, facilitate digital client onboarding, and provide a smooth user interface for effective communication. Additionally, the live class tool, forms, and content sharing features enhance client management, engagement, and collaboration.

The benefit to the Customer:

These features enable scalable and efficient client interactions, personalised support, and the opportunity to offer pay-as-you-go advice. It empowers advisors to conduct digital meetings, hold seminars, and effectively manage client relationships. The result is a more personalised and interactive experience for customers, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

The benefit to the firm:

Stage 2: Middle of Funnel - Hybrid: Self-Serve with Personal Interactions:

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Create an engaging self-serve learning environment where new or low-value clients can access personalised content, participate in self-paced courses, and earn badges as they progress. It creates a dynamic and engaging experience for customers, fostering knowledge acquisition and empowering them to take control of their financial journey.

The benefit to the Customer:

These features allow for efficient content curation, course creation, and gamification, enabling scalable and cost-effective client engagement. By offering personalised experiences, empowering clients through self-serve learning, and gamifying the learning process, firms can attract and retain a larger base of low-value clients, setting the stage for further engagement and progression through the customer funnel.

The benefit to the firm:

Live Meetings Scheduling and Payment:

  • Enable customers to schedule live meetings with advisors or experts directly through the platform.

  • Provide a seamless and intuitive interface for customers to book and pay for live meetings on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Facilitate real-time communication and collaboration between customers and advisors during the live meetings.

Digital Meetings and Client Onboarding:

  • Offer a smooth user interface and user experience for digital meetings between customers and advisors.
    Conduct client onboarding and initial consultations through digital meetings, eliminating the need for in-person visits.
    Provide a secure and efficient environment for confidential discussions and document sharing during digital meetings.

  • Enable real-time communication between customers and advisors through a messenger tool within the platform.
    Foster seamless and convenient interaction for inquiries, clarifications, and ongoing support.
    Facilitate quick and efficient resolution of customer queries and concerns

Messenger Tool and Communication:

Live Class Tool for Seminars:

  • Conduct interactive seminars and group sessions with the live class tool.

  • Engage a larger audience of customers simultaneously, providing valuable educational content and insights.

  • Foster a sense of community and shared learning among customers.

Forms for Client Management and SOA generation:

  • Utilize forms functionality to streamline client management processes.

  • Collect and manage client information, preferences, and feedback through customisable forms.

  • Enhance data collection efficiency and provide a structured approach to client engagement.

  • Where applicable, can be linked to outsourced Paraplanning solution

Content Sharing and Media Library:

  • Share client reports, documents, and multimedia content securely through the platform's content-sharing feature.

  • Leverage the media library to organise and access relevant resources for efficient client communication.

  • Provide a centralised hub for advisors and clients to access and collaborate on shared materials.

Stage 3: Bottom of Funnel - Full Advice: Portfolio and Relationship Focus:

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Stage 1: Top of Funnel - Self-Serve for New Low-Value Clients:

Global Client Management:

  • SLOCOACH allows advisors to effectively manage clients from anywhere in the world, providing flexibility and expanding their reach.

  • Enable seamless collaboration and communication between advisors and clients across different geographic locations.

  • Overcome geographical barriers and facilitate a global advisory practice.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting:

  • Provide advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to track and analyze client portfolios and performance.

  • Generate comprehensive reports on investment strategies, risk profiles, and financial goals.

  • Deliver valuable insights to clients, helping them make informed decisions and optimize their portfolios.

  • Assist advisors in adhering to regulatory requirements and compliance standards.

  • Provide tools and features to streamline compliance processes, such as data encryption, secure document management, and audit trails.

  • Ensure client data and sensitive information are protected and handled in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Integrated Compliance and Regulation Support:

Client Relationship Management (CRM) Tools:

  • Offer CRM functionalities to manage and nurture client relationships effectively.

  • Track client interactions, communication history, and preferences to provide personalized service.

  • Streamline client onboarding, document management, and ongoing engagement.

Integrations and Third-Party Connectivity:

  • Integrate with external systems and platforms, such as custodians, portfolio management tools, and financial planning software.

  • Enhance data synchronization, streamline processes, and provide a comprehensive view of client portfolios.

  • Foster seamless collaboration between advisors and third-party providers for comprehensive client management.

By stage 3 the customer the customer is digitally connected to the firm.

The benefit to the Customer:

Cater to the needs of advisors managing clients in a full advice capacity, focusing on portfolio management and nurturing long-term relationships. The platform's global client management capabilities empower advisors to serve clients from anywhere in the world, while advanced analytics and reporting tools offer valuable insights for informed decision-making. Integrated compliance support ensures regulatory compliance, while CRM tools, automated workflows, and integrations enhance client relationship management and operational efficiency.

The benefit to the firm:

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Wait there’s more...

The SLOCOACH platform offers a game-changing solution for advice firms seeking to transform the way they deliver financial advice. With its unique features and capabilities, SLOCOACH empowers firms to create a customer-centric approach and unlock new opportunities for growth and success. Here are the key takeaways:

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