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How to improve and achieve your Goals with SLOCOACH

Introducing the Continuous Performance Cycle

It's no secret that we all want to improve. Improvement is a vital part of human nature – it's what drives us to achieve our goals and be the best versions of ourselves. In fact, even seeing others improve can aid our own performance cycle, even if it is in a field we aren't pursuing - it's why we become more active when our team wins or during the Olympics. But what happens when we don't make any progress? This can severely impact our motivation and commitment to continue participating in whatever we're doing.

Why is improvement essential to us? Improvement is essential to us for several reasons. First, it helps us become more effective and efficient in our work. When we improve our skills and abilities, we can accomplish more in less time and with less effort. This allows us to be more productive and to get more done. Additionally, improving ourselves can help us reach our goals and achieve success. By continuously growing and developing, we increase our chances of reaching our full potential and becoming the best that we can be. Finally, improvement also helps us stay motivated and inspired. Seeing ourselves progressing and getting better gives us a sense of satisfaction and encourages us to keep going. Through continuous improvement, we can achieve excellence in anything we do. At SLOCOACH, we see the "Continous Performance Circle" as the beating heart of everything we do. Improvement leads to Achievement, Achievement leads to Inspiration, and Inspiration leads to commitment.

What happens when we don't make improvements? A failure to improve is a top 3 reason why we give up on something (remember that ukelele you were convinced would make you a star on summer holidays); this reduces participation which not only impacts the individual but also has a community impact. We want to see more people doing what they love, trying a new passion or mastering an existing skill.

Activating the Continuous Performance Cycle We are driven by enabling an individual’s (or team's) ability to act independently and make choices. We are using technology and social media evolution to enable our drive. We can activate a key component in the performance cycle by enabling improvement.

Someone who has a lot of social capital (i.e. they have many friends and connections) is more likely to participate in a wide range of activities than someone who has very little social capital. This is because they have more opportunities to be exposed to different activities and more people to encourage them to participate. We aim to make the world your social community, connecting you to your friends and those who inspire you through performance, those who have the knowledge and expertise to help you be better and those who share your passions.

We complement that with the latest Coaching and Education tools to create a digital environment that democratises the best Coaching tools beyond the top 1% of participants to everyone while creating a global neighbourhood for exchanging wisdom and expertise. We're so committed we've made it available to everyone With SLOCOACH 2.0, we have made our technology available to everyone. It can now be used as a white-label platform within the ecosystem or community of any organisation, team or club. We now have brands using our platform in a range of ways:

  1. As a marketplace for their athletes and coaches to offer coaching to their community (around the world)

  2. As a digital academy: To scale and complement their existing pathway academies

  3. To replace traditional LMS platforms with an evolved Learning Engagement System = including accreditation.

  4. As a tool for connecting and engaging their community through learning and education

  5. For training and off-site onboarding staff

  6. Individual coaches looking to complement their existing tools or reach a broader audience (unlimited by geography)

  7. Fan engagement

  8. Charity projects

  9. Team engagement = National teams staying connected across a broad geography

  10. Officials = creating connected spaces for learning for Officials.

We have a waiting list, but it's moving quickly. We designed our platform for easy set-up, so onboarding is quick and efficient. That said, demand is high, and we currently have a waiting list of clients waiting to go live. If you want to join the list, book a demo today to see the platform's full potential.

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