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Social Media becomes Social Learning

Utilising articles, groups and a newsfeed to maximise engagement.

Most of us are familiar with social media as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, share photos and thoughts, or follow organizations or individuals we’re interested in. But what if social media could also be used to support learning? It already is! Humans of all ages are now trained to consume content through social media.

We've noticed and designed our platform experience around the "muscle memory" formed from engaging on standard social media platforms - creating a familiar and supportive environment that facilitates learning and interaction.

Some of the tools in your kitbag: Articles

  • Create articles advertising sessions or content or provide expanded subject-based learning content

  • Link articles to relevant Coaches or Experts


  • Groups allow a collation of articles, experts, content, sessions, and courses around subject matter or cohorts.

  • Make your Groups public (all your platform users can join), private (password or pre-approved users can join) or subscription only (paid joiners only)


  • Your audience will build their own curated News Feed as they join groups or follow Coaches/Experts. Keeping them engaged and up to date on the content that is new and relevant to them


  • Our messenger and communication tool is just like Facebook messenger, making the interaction feel more like the modern connected world and less like a classroom or corporate boardroom.

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